IPhone 12 Pro Max Review : a giant by its size, power and autonomy

IPhone 12 Pro Max Review – IPhone 12 Pro Max, It is the fourth iPhone in the 2020 range, the one we keep for the good mouth, the most expensive, the largest, the most impressive, the best equipped in photos, the most inclined to adorn itself with all the superlatives. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple offers as an antithesis to its iPhone 12 mini . A smartphone that small or medium hands will not have too many two to tame, which is thought to be eye-catching.  

An IPhone 12 Pro Max incredible slab

Apple is embarking a 6.7-inch panel for the first time. Like all those of this generation, it is superb: OLED, HDR, Super Retina XDR, very bright (845 cd / m2), infinitely contrasted, True Tone, P3 and capable of displaying an improbable Delta E2000 of 0.56. As a reminder, the closer the figure is to zero, the smaller the difference between the true value of a color and its rendering. In this case, Apple has just, according to our test history, set a new record in this area. The first six places in this very particular ranking are also occupied by iPhones. Apple is a master in the art of tiles that are faithful to real colors. On the other hand, this exceptional panel is not compatible with a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is however becoming more and more the standard in devices of this price level. Perhaps Apple did not want to take the risk of accumulating two new sources of high energy consumption, the second being 5G.  

Big, too big?

The “new” design of the iPhone 12, inspired by that of the iPad Pro and iPhone 4 and later, is perfectly suited to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Its vertical edges, assertive, better define the front and rear facades, underline the presence of the screen, more edge to edge than ever. Because the largest iPhone is the one that offers the best ratio between the size of the front panel and the surface covered by the screen. He gets no less than 87.1%. It’s not yet as good as what the Galaxy Note 20s, for example, offer, but it’s a nice step forward. It is even in a way a vital advance, because the iPhone 12 Pro Max always flirts with the “too big”. When you see your screen, you forget everything, but as soon as you have to slip it into a pocket or hold it in your hand for a long time, you can see how bulky it is.  

The A14 turns it into a powerhouse

Obviously, like all iPhone 12s , the 12 Pro Max benefits from the power provided by the A14 chip, and as in the iPhone 12 Pro , Apple’s SoC is supported by 6 GB of RAM. On a daily basis, this manifests itself in an always incredibly fluid interface, in applications that launch quickly and smoothly, in greedy programs that display polygons and effects in spades, or complex renderings without even thinking about it. If we refer to a test tool like Geekbench 5, we see that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is in the lineage of its brothers. He is on an equal footing with them, or at least not really different from them.  
The most enduring iPhone
Last year, iPhones have moved into a new dimension that Android smartphones have inhabited for a little while. A world where you don’t have to charge your smartphone during the day to reach the evening. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max had made so much progress, thanks to the A13 Bionic and a larger battery, that they even managed to do better than their direct Android competitors in two of the three autonomy tests that we carry out within from our laboratory.  
By far the best in photography
Finally, before providing you with an in-depth and dedicated test for iPhone 12 Pro Max photography, let’s quickly tackle this ultimate strength (and differentiation). It still offers three camera modules: an ultra wide angle, a wide angle and a telephoto lens. But if the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max offered the same performance in this area, the iPhone 12 Pro Max decided to go it alone. In addition to benefiting from the progress shared by all the other iPhone 12s, thanks to the A14 and its new image processor (ISP), it benefits from the arrival of lidar, like the 12 Pro, but also stands out with two hardware improvements.  

Material Base

On the strength of this material base, the iPhone 12 Pro Max differs greatly from the iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro. The presence of lidar coupled with a “tighter” telephoto lens allows framing that highlights faces more, and creates more proximity in the context of a portrait. Not to mention the enhanced responsiveness of the camera to focus, which saves many shots when night falls. Still thanks to lidar, it is possible to use Portrait mode in night mode on the wide-angle, this opens up new horizons.  

In video

The iPhone 12 Pro Max continues to carry the name of its ancestors at the top and maintains uniqueness of exposure and color, regardless of the lens used. It also provides some pretty incredible stabilization that allows for extremely smooth videos even if you are moving around while running, down stairs or riding a bike.

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